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Carlson CAP50

CAP50 Carlson Aerial Platform


The Carlson Aerial Platform (CAP50) is an American made UAS platform offering up to 6lbs payload capacity for advanced users in the surveying, construction, engineering, mining, quarry, land development, and related industries. 

• Payload capacity up to 6lbs
• RTK for accuracy
• Tested in 50mph winds with max payload
• Omnidirectional collision avoidance
• 22-minute flight time with 5lbs payload
• Compactible design for easy transport
• Full telemetry flightlog 

For information on the available LiDAR unit, click here.

Payload Options


Payload Configurations
Available with LiDAR, photographic, or depth sounder payloads, the CAP50 provides versatile options for numerous applications.

The CAP50 includes the following ports for communication and control of payloads: 2xHDMI, 24V power, SBUS, Serial, PWM.


CAP50 Carlson Aerial Platform

465KV motors combined with 18.5” carbon fiber propellers and the 22.8V 6S 25,000mAh battery for superior aerial performance. 

Position Stability and Accuracy
(GNSS) receiver compatible with Real Time Kinetics (RTK) GNSS systems. The CAP50 utilizes a LiDAR range finder for altitude accuracy and vertical stability while flying. To ensure the drone has redundancy in the critical sensors needed for flight, CAP50 integrates 2 magnetometers, 2 accelerometers, 2 gyro, and 2 barometers. A battery current and voltage sensor is used to track battery level. 

Object Avoidance
The CAP50 has 360 degree collision avoidance. The collision avoidance system is LiDAR range finder based, and will work in day or nighttime conditions. 

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